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The Results

“The Cre8ive crew is amazing. They really love what they do, and it shows through in their final product.”

Jon Benton, Owner

Our Mission:

Cre8ive is in the digital marketing business, and we deliver innovative, meaningful, and proven solutions, every time.  

Our Core

Do it right the first time

A culture built on quality and customer satisfaction

Exceed expectations

We combine our experience and resources to drive consistently better results

We treat your business as our own

Simple as that.

Continuous improvement

Always developing, learning & growing

Safety first

Adding an eCommerce cart to a website isn’t necessarily dangerous… however, filming a sports car on a windy road can be tricky. Thorough planning and safety precautions are always used for our crew and everyone on set with us.

Jerrod Shelton



Jerrod began his marketing career in elementary learning adobe illustrator and photoshop from his dad, Jerry Shelton. Growing up in the advertising family he did, Jerrod also learned about deadlines, proof reading, logo design, PR, branding, TV commercial production and more. His education at Lubbock Christian University and relationships he’s formed along the way have all been driving factors in his success. Most importantly however is his beautiful wife, Eden who serves as COO and pushes Cre8ive to be its best. Together, Jerrod and Eden lead the team to fulfill our mission and core objectives at Cre8ive, everyday.

The Sheltons have 3 incredible daughters and have the most fun with their growing family on vacations, spending time with grandparents and hosting at their home. 



Phone: 806.470.5618

Eden Shelton



Eden grew up in Phoenix, Arizona and has been a leader since a very young age. She has a passion for accelerated growth, building businesses and creating more cohesive teams. “Cre8ive is a company full of the most talented people in Lubbock. It’s so exciting to watch, listen and experience everything that happens up here at the office every day.” – Eden

Supporting her husband is one of Eden’s favorite things to do and she loves when she can bring their kids up to the office to watch their dad hard at work! Eden has always had a drive to be the best at what she does and help as many people as she can along the way.



Tyler Talley

Director of Rich Media


Tyler grew up enjoying creative things, but they always felt somewhat unattainable. He held jobs throughout college and high school mowing yards, washing dishes, landscaping golf courses, and frosting cakes until his first internship as a creative team leader at Pioneer Bible Translators. During that time he taught himself many of the creative skills that he uses today.

At Contract Cre8ive, he is the odd one out, because he graduated with a degree in Creative Media from Oklahoma Christian University. Tyler considers himself to be an After Effects wizard, but he can also do print design, graphic design, video editing, audio editing, video production, web design and a host of other creative skills. Even though he sits behind a computer for 9 hours a day, he is a huge extrovert and loves nothing more than chatting with anyone about anything. If he’s not spending his free time with his wife, he is teaching himself some new software or skill that he doesn’t yet know how to do (or in the fall he’s watching Oklahoma Football… Boomer Sooner).

He helps drive our mission home with amazing video production.



Phone: 806.733.7179

Elizabeth Spear

Lead Social Designer



Phone: 806.853.7469

Anakin Cantu

Lead Videographer



Phone: 806.577.9744

Evan Mento

Lead Web Designer



Phone: 806.853.7469

Our Mission is fulfilled when you succeed.

   All we ask is to have the chance to show you what this is all about.   All we ask is to have the chance to show you what this is all about.   All we ask is to have the chance to show you what this is all about.
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