Contract Cre8ive 

noun – adjective |  //con-tråçt, cre-éight-ive\

: a Lubbock marketing agency focused on great video and audio production, graphic design, website implementation and creative concepts.
: a group that shares a common ability and desire to create something imaginative and meaningful.
: characterized by originality and expressiveness.

Jerrod Shelton

Creative Director // Owner


Growing up in an advertising environment, Jerrod has been able to learn from the best. His dad, Jerry has been a large influence in his career and likewise many other professionals in the Lubbock community. Jerrod was able to spend some of the best years of his life as a college intern at The Price Group Inc., in addition to a marketing internship at nQativ. Jerrod has been blessed to travel to Las Vegas, NV, Africa twice, multiple places in CA, as well as venues and awesome spots all over Texas for video shoots and client relations. Jerrod loves video and audio production and is always looking for the next edge. He strives to be the best.



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Carly Shelton

Production Director // Owner


Carly has grown up in the advertising world and holds a Digital Media Arts degree from Lubbock Christian University. Carly loves art and all forms of it. You might find her behind a camera, behind an edit bay, or in front of a building painting a mural. She has great taste and a personality to match. We would be lost without Carly. She runs every aspect of the wedding films side of the business plus way more including our day to day accounting. It’s good to work with people you trust, respect and know they can handle anything. We’re beyond impressed with this girl.



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AJ Walton

Chief Designer & Project Manager


AJ is the jack-of-all-trades when it comes to being creative, and that’s how she prefers it. She is currently holding the title of Account Executive and enjoys learning more about individuals and the companies they stand for. AJ’s well-traveled as she has seen Spain, Italy, Greece, Ireland, France, and the United Kingdom. She is always eager to assist with filming, editing videos, client communications, and administrative responsibilities. AJ searches for the possibilities of the future and is constantly searching for answers. Quick with a nod, AJ is always looking for ways to learn and we appreciate an inquisitive mind.



Phone: 806.252.5769

Tyler Talley

Art Director & Producer


I grew up enjoying creative things, but they always felt somewhat unattainable. I held jobs throughout college and high school mowing yards, washing dishes, landscaping golf courses, and frosting cakes until my first internship as a creative team leader at Pioneer Bible Translators. During that time, though, I taught myself many of the creative skills that I use today. At Contract Cre8ive, I am the odd one out, because I graduated with a degree in Creative Media from Oklahoma Christian University (not LCU). I consider myself to be an After Effects wizard, but I can also do print design, graphic design, video editing, audio editing, video production, web design and a host of other creative skills. Even though I sit behind a computer for 9 hours a day, I am a huge extrovert and love nothing more than chatting with anyone about anything. If I’m not spending my free time with my wife, I am teaching myself some new software or skill that I don’t yet know how to do (or in the fall I’m watching Oklahoma Football… Boomer Sooner).



Phone: 806.733.7179

Elijah the Editor, Producer and Director Extraordinaire

Elijah Rufaro

Lead Editor


Powerful is one word that is used to describe what this Producer does. With practice & skill, Elijah marries video clips, sound, and graphics to tell some of the best stories. He is a focused team member but he will not hesitate to stop and give his full undivided attention. He posses a love for soccer, weekends, and exploring creativity to its fullest. Understanding that change is the name of the game, Elijah looks for a new way to break the mold. He works smarter, not harder. This ideal is what makes him a dynamic addition to the team. Developing quality work is his pastime at Cre8ive, but being innovative and visionary is his passion.



Zachary Long

Web Builder & Designer

Jake Walton

Cinematographer // Editor

Marshall Kidder

Audio Specialist // DJ


HR Assistant

Jerry Shelton

Creative Director

To succeed, everyone needs a mentor. That may not even be fair, to call Jerry a mentor because he is so much more than that. He’s been the guiding force through the process of growing a business, which is never a walk in the park.  Jerry offers the experience and leadership to keep everything glued together and make it work. Jerry doesn’t work for Contract Cre8ive, rather he has his own company, “Cre8ive Design…” sounds a little familiar, right? Hah. Our clients are the same sometimes and other times we’re working on completely different projects. To find more information on Jerry, click the link to his website or LinkedIn profile below.

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