Here’s some of our favorite weddings

from the past couple of years.

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Oh. My. Word. There are no words to fully explain how cool this wedding was!! [So we made a video. Haha] Katie needs to become a wedding planner. Her friends and family did so much, but also had a lot of incredible help from Southern Elegance Design!
Location: “Lubbock Executive Airpark” just south of Lubbock, TX [] Anywhere there was a spot for originality, there it was. First and foremost… booking an airplane hanger for the ceremony was legit. Then there was the red convertible before walking down the aisle, funky father/daughter dance, Barney singing “I Love You,” and lastly… drumroll please… leaving in an actual airplane. What?! The footage is outstanding! and a blast to shoot in a little sports car too. Yes, this is a wedding we will never forget. Congratulations guys! Let us know when you have your next event. We want to be there to film it!
Wedding Stylists: Southern Elegance Design! [] This team loves challenges, and they always somehow manage to go above and beyond. You should have seen them transform an empty hanger into a wedding venue. Parachutes hanging from the ceiling, furniture, decor and chalk board signs everywhere, along with the serving line being incorporated into the wings of a real aircraft. The look and feel of the whole day was tremendous. Loved it guys! Everyone worked together to pull off the impossible.
At our “Cre8ive headquarters” we also offer a DJ service, Delta Jamma!! We had so much fun filming at DJing. Alex was the magic behind those turntables and mic, keeping the evening flowing. So glad we all got to work together!
Our Favorite Moment: Well there are so many. Such a romantic film, but capturing their takeoff on the runway while everyone stood there and waved sparklers was insanely cool. Racing beside the aircraft at 85mph in a small sports car was definitely adrenaline pumping too. HUGE thank you to Mark Drake, Owner of the LEA.
Photography: Paul Norman Photography is a blast to work with! PNP travels, and is based out of Beaumont, TX. [] Minister: Randal Dement

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Music: “Perfect For Me” by Zach Berkman // All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission.

White tents. Botanical gardens. Amazing family. Coolest wedding party ever and drizzling rain. Megan & Zach’s wedding at the Clark Gardens in Weatherford Texas was the real deal! Every element was perfect… except for the last minute, “LET’S MOVE EVERYTHING INSIDE!” Haha. The rain started really pouring about 4 minutes before the ceremony was supposed to start. It worked out great though! The chapel was beautiful and the groomsmen got everyone to inside and back to the reception with umbrellas. Congrats to the 2 coolest people!
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The awesome photographer from Dallas whom we thoroughly enjoyed working with! -Erin Woosley &
Music: “Yours And Mine” by Brooke Annibale // All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission.

Kaci & Chase got hitched at Spirit Ranch, which happens to be a great place to find perfect weather in October. Only a light breeze!
I had a tremendous blast working with this couple and putting together not only the full length movie on DVD, but also this highlight film. So many memories packed in these 4 minutes.
Kaci really wanted to read letters to each other for this video and it really did turn out stellar. Couldn’t have been more perfect!
The photographer, Ashley Gonzales that we really got to know who is originally from NM:!
The DJ for the evening: (You can hear DJ Jayhott’s voice on the mic a few times in the film)!
And last but DEFINITELY not least the link to Spirit Ranch:!
Music: “Hold On” by George Kamel // All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission.

Cheye and Giles tied the knot in Post, TX! We played this video before their ceremony while the last few people were being seated and it turned out so awesome. The guests from both sides, the wedding party, parents and even the grandparents said they loved it. It was truly the very best way to begin a ceremony. We filmed the actual ceremony and reception too. Looking forward to the highlight reel already. It’s almost finished!
Music: “A Beautiful Life” by Justin James // All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission.

Reece got sick one day, so Lacey brought him some chicken soup. That’s how these two met and the rest is history. This awesome day began at the TTU Kent Hance Chapel and came to a giant close at the 4BarK on the south side of town. I enjoyed working with the photographer Charmaine Aguas again. It had been too long since we’d shot a wedding together! This video makes me just want to go back. I really enjoyed working and hanging out with these people!
Charmaine Aguas and her company, Quite Charmed Photography:!
Music: “Forever is Better With You (Fly On)” by Humming House // All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission.

Had a spectacular day with Valerie and Danny, two wonderful people!
In the beginning of Valerie’s wedding planning process, she didn’t know if Video would be an option, but luckily it was! After we delivered the DVDs with the full length movie and highlight, she said, “I’m so glad I decided to get good video coverage of our wedding. I knew I wanted one, and you sir did not disappoint!!”
Hah. We love making people’s day and surprising them with the best product.
The ceremony and reception were both at the Emanuel Worship Center in Lubbock.
The talented Susan Marinello took the beautiful photographs throughout the whole day!
Thanks again to another wonderful couple!

It was such an honor to be a part of Ryan and Natalie’s wedding.
This was the first wedding ever out at Cotton Creek! What an amazing and beautiful place this is, nestled out just a little south of Lubbock in New Home, Tx.
I can’t wait to go back! Luckily we’ve already got on our schedule a few weekends in 2014. Couldn’t be more excited!
And I have to give credit where credit is due: Tammy Maxx and Music to the Maxx DJs are the greatest. Tammy has become an incredible friend over the last few years. I always enjoy working with her, and so do all of the fun, amazing couples she DJ’s for!
You can find her at:!
And the incredible photographer for the evening was Lauren Clark who always does an unbelievable job. She used to be here local, but since moved up North and Lubbock has been very sad since. Hah. But she makes the trip down every now and then!!
Couldn’t say enough good things about these people. Great country folk. Loved every minute guys!

This was such a fun wedding. I wish all of the reception and dancing could be crammed into 3 minutes
but I guess you’ll just have to ask the happy couple for the full length DVDs.
But didn’t this highlight turn out fantastic? Needless to say, it was very enjoyable working with these two and their families.
Tabatha and Chris you rock!
Big thanks as well to the evening’s spectacular photographer:
It’s a blast getting to work with Katherine every time I’m in Midland.

I know most people don’t get married in order to be in a movie,
but Daisy and Bernardo are absolute naturals on camera. They are obviously perfect for each other!
Midland, TX
Ceremony – St. Stephen’s Catholic Church
Reception – Double Tree Hotel
Photographs by:!

How could we have had more fun? This couple was Awesome! Big thanks to both families for such an incredible day.
The beautiful photographs captured by:
The Awesome DJ’s:
St. Elizabeth’s Catholic Church

Brandon and Mallory’s June wedding was spectacular. I always love spending a day down at the Historic Baker Building when I get a chance. The food was incredible and West Texas DJ’s did a marvelous job as well.
This was a 2 camera wedding and was part of the Premium HD package on
Thanks Brandon & Mallory! We had a blast.
The beautiful photographs:
The wonderful Baker Building:
West Texas DJs:
Hah. And Kadiza Hair Studio was fun to work with as well! How could I forget?

We loved Midland, TX! And Leslie & Jeremy were awesome too. It was fantastic getting to know such a fun, yet down to earth couple. The ceremony was held at St. Elizabeth’s in Midland, followed by some photos at the grand and glorious Midland Country Club, and then a reception at the Double Tree downtown. What a day.
Photos by Katherine:
Double Tree Hilton: (Reception Location)

Tyler & Lauren had the perfect wedding! Peacocks and everything. Spirit Ranch is such a perfect place to spend an evening.

John & Casey both were incredible. Great families, a “hip” reception and here’s a fun video to sum it all up.
Shot with a Sony HXR-MC50U, and a JVC HM100U. Post was done in FCPx.

“Vegas? You betchya. Much thanks to the family and everyone involved. Such a fun trip! So fun to edit! Will never forget it.

Shot with a Sony HXR-MC50U, and a JVC HM100U. Post was done in FCPx.

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Devan & Danny were awesome. Beautiful wedding, exciting reception, and their honeymoon was probably good too. But how am I to know?

Shot with a Sony HXR-MC50U, and a JVC HM100U. Post was done in FCPx.

We loved our wedding video! Jerrod did a great job capturing all the moments that made our wedding special. Our friends and family that didn’t get to make it to the wedding loved watching the video as well; it made them feel like they didn’t miss a thing. Jerrod was easy to work with, very professional, and his prices were affordable. We would definitely work with him again!

– Jeremy and Cassie Arnold