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A New Perspective

Drone video and photography plays a large role in the Cre8ive team’s daily productions. Aerial cinematography paints a perspective that we get to offer Lubbock and surrounding areas. However, we have flown in Dallas, Austin, on the Texas coast, New Mexico, Oklahoma and even Africa. Several of our monthly contracts keep us driving all over the Texas panhandle so we love it when there’s an opportunity to get out of the loop! If you’re interested in our work please don’t hesitate to drop us a line at the bottom of this page.

How It Works

We’re proud of our professional quality aerial photography and videography using top of the line equipment

Flight Experience

With 250+ flights, capturing moving and non-moving subjects, the Cre8ives have developed a bullet proof method for filming aerial images in a fail-safe manner while abiding by the FAA Laws and regulations.

4k Camera

From the sky we shoot large 12mp photography and 4x the resolution of HD video for amazing post production and imagery. Our work doesn’t stop in the air–we guarantee top-notch, dynamic and the best quality of work through editing and color correction.


With scheduled maintenance and pre-flight checks we experience precision in the sky from any point on the globe. We’re fully operable in 25-30mph wind gusts and our camera on its 3 axis motorized gimbal keeps our footage steady and effective.

Flight Time

The wind often accelerates the depletion of our batteries, however we consistently experience 18-22 minute flights. Through training and many hours of flight we have learned to be highly efficient in the air.

Flight 1

  • Non-moving subject
  • Video/Photos delivered via Dropbox

Flight 2

  • 1 Location
  • 3 batteries
  • Moving Subject
  • Video/Photos delivered via Dropbox

Flight 3

  • 1 Location
  • 3 batteries
  • Moving subject
  • Highlight video edited and delivered via Vimeo. Photos delivered via Dropbox


We understand each project may consist of different circumstances which may be outside of the 3 packages’ scope. Luckily we’re used to booking custom gigs! Fill out the form below and we look forward to connecting.

*Minimal travel fees will be applied to locations outside of Lubbock.
*Add drone footage to any video/commercial produced by Contract Cre8ive for only $250.


How far can you fly?

Up to a mile out and 400 ft up. *FAA requires us to fly below 400 ft and the drone is ALWAYS in line of sight

How long is each flight?

Each flight is roughly 22 minutes long. *Depending on conditions and flight patterns

How fast can you fly?

50 mph and below is our standard. *The FAA requires us to stay below 100 mph

What is sUAS?

A small unmanned aircraft system (sUAS), oftentimes called a drone, is a multi-rotor aircraft without a human pilot onboard. It is controlled from a pilot on the ground. The FAA requires an sUAS to weigh between .55lbs and 55lbs to operate in the National Airspace System (NAS).

Are you insured?

Yes, Contract Cre8ive carries full liability insurance and can provide documentation upon request.

Do you travel?

Most of our work takes place in other parts of Texas or surrounding states. Travel is not a problem whether we’re hitting the road or packing up our drone(s) to be checked on an airline.

What about safety?

This is our first and foremost priority. We do not fly directly over people, in small indoor facilities or in public places where crowds are present. We also abide 100% by all of the FAA rules and regulations.

What equipment can you use on your sUAS?

While we conventionally fly with a camera, we are legal and certified to carry other small to medium objects as well. The sky is the limit and this would definitely be considered a custom packaged deal.

What are the FAA laws and restrictions?

The FAA has issued new laws regarding the use of drones (hobby or commercial) within the past couple years. To fly an sUAS commercially one must obtain a remote pilot certificate and follow the specific and detailed regulations setup by the Federal Aviation Administration.

aerial cinematography & drone photography - Contract Cre8ive

FAA Certified Pilots


Our pilots have plenty of experience in capturing smooth and interesting content from the unique perspective of the sky.

Professional Equipment

We use the highest quality professional grade equipment to capture the smoothest and cleanest footage possible.

Wanna see how smooth our footage is from the sky?

Here’s a few of our recently produced favorites including drone footage…

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Eco-Drip // Permanent. Proven. Trusted.

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