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LCU Athletics are always working on the next edge, and in the Rip Griffin Center their work is dynamic. The new jumbotron installed on the North wall really brings a new life to the games. It gives off so much light! Just amazing.
Below are several videos we put together for LCU and their sponsors which worked together to make this jumbotron a reality! We’re thankful for the supporters in our community who give back!

// President Perrin

Lubbock Christian University’s President Tim Perrin is always fun to work with. He know’s how to have fun while working hard! His enthusiasm is one on the many many reasons why he is an amazing university president! These spots which show on the new Jumbrotron in Lubbock Christian University’s Rip Griffen Center are fun to watch and really get the crowd going! Our personal favorite is the last clip where President Perrin is holding something other than a normal looking umbrella while rubbing it in that we’ve just pounded a few 3’s…

// Men’s Basketball Intros

The LCU Men’s Basketball team was a blast to film! They had no problem flexing, showing off their ball handing skills, and personalities during the shoot. Shot specifically for the jumbotron and 768×256 dimensions, these things really pop. They play at all of the Lubbock Christian University Men’s basketball games at the Rip Griffin Center here in Lubbock, TX.

// Women’s Basketball Intros

We had a blast when working with the LCU Women’s basketball team! These young women are very talented and we are happy to put them on the big screen! These intros play at all of the Lubbock Christian University Women’s basketball games at the Rip Griffin Center here in Lubbock, TX. We wish all the success to the Men and Women Basketball Teams this year! GO CHAPS!

// Sponsors – AMIT

AMIT is a company here in Lubbock TX that helps aid people back to optimal health through several practices including chiropractic care. Dr. Jared Carey is the owner and operator for the Lubbock branch. AMIT is a powerful supporter for LCU Athletics. Jared it was great working with you!

// Sponsors – Lowe’s Market

It was our first time to meet Roger Lowe with Lowe’s Market. Their corporate office in Littlefield, TX are awesome! Lowe’s Market is a well rounded company has a heart for Lubbock Christian University. Roger was great to work with and did great on camera!

// Sponsors – Tyler Technologies

Tyler Technologies is a proud supporter of Lubbock Christian University in so many ways! They love athletic programs as well as recent graduates who are eager to make a difference in the work place. It was a our pleasure to work with Brett Cate, President, and Whitney Kennedy, Human Resources Recruiter. These guys know how to work hard and have fun at the same time!

// Sponsors – People’s Bank

It was our pleasure to work with the great staff at People’s Bank. Jake Mahan, the Assistant Vice President, was a blast to film in the studio! Larry C Allen, Chairman & CEO as well as Chelsea Salazar, Vice President & Marketing Director were there with us making sure Jake said all the right things! Hah. We, as well as People’s Bank are really excited for these advertisements to show on LCU’s incredible new Jumbotron!