They say that 50% of a video is audio… and that could not be more true. Capturing the best raw audio per the industry standard has elevated our projects to the next level. On this page you will notice that we take our audio talents behind turntables often. DJ’ing and running sound for live events has made us jump into the audio world to lengths we would have never guessedfurther pushing the envelope. Delta Jamma’s DJ Service has their own site provided at the below link.


BYX, (a Christian fraternity at Texas Tech University) throws a rave every February in Lubbock, TX and Delta Jamma is incredibly honored to bring the jams. Thanks to everyone who showed up! Packed house. That was a blast.

BYX Formal ’13 [In Slow Motion] with DELTA JAMMA

BYX has done a lot for Delta Jamma, and we can’t thank them enough! Their Winter formal at Spirit Ranch in Lubbock, TX was so great. We setup a GoPro and a lot of lighting to make a slow motion booth happen. We had a blast videoing the event too!

Delta Jamma at the BYX Barn Dance

BYX holds an anual barn dance in the fall to help recruit incoming freshman into their fraternity at Texas Tech. We are lucky to be involved and help bring some of our talents to the table.

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