Dr. Christensen places a high value on patient education and seeing lasting results here in the 806. Since 2009 he has been teating the cause of his patients’ ailments rather than just the symptoms through manual and instrumental adjustments, decompression therapy, and exercise education. The lobby of his practice has a large flat screen TV but needed some content to roll while patients checked in and waited briefly. We were pumped to have the opportunity to work with his staff, learn about everything that his practice offers as well as shoot some really sweet Broll paired with an awesome interview. Dr. Christensen also had some educational power points on chiropractic treatment. We mixed in quite a few of those after this video to create a 15 minute looping feature that fits on a 32GB flash drive and plugs into the back of their Roku TV. The heightened lobby environment & experience is already a hit!

To learn more, visits Dr. Christensen and his practice at http://www.texaschiropracticwellness.com